Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Story of Daisy

It's a girl! Meet Daisy. She has all of our hearts and we love her like crazy. Here's how Daisy came to be the newest member of our family. A few months back, we had talked about getting Kylo a dog to keep him company. He is so playful, and so, so loving, and he just loves every dog he comes across. But he also likes to play, and run, and wrestle, and we knew he would love another dog to keep him company. So we decided to just put feelers out for anyone who knew of some puppies around. Before we had even had a chance to ask around, a friend of Jeremy's called and said his dog was expecting to have her puppies very soon, and would we like one of the puppies. Yes! On May 10th, we got the phone call that the puppies had arrived. In 8 short weeks, we would have our puppy. 

In the meantime, we talked about names. Kylo has a Star Wars name (obviously), so we tossed around other Star Wars names. We also tried out lots of Harry Potter names, names from places we had visited, and just about every common name out there. We were so indecisive and could not settle on a name, even with weeks to think about it. Before we picked up our girl, we had loosely decided that if picked a boy, his name would be Storm, and for a girl, Posie.

There were 9 dogs in the litter, but several were already spoken for. We narrowed it down to two dogs right away, but between those two, we settled on this guy. Isn't he so cute?! I loved him so much. 

But after we had walked around on the farm for a while, Eli found this little one. She wasn't out with the others when we first got there. She was the smallest of all the dogs, and the owner told us what a sweetheart she was. Eli was in love, and very quickly, the rest of us were too. I'm still a little bit sad about the brown and white dog we left behind, but I hope he found his family too.

So our puppy said goodbye to her momma (pictured below), and off we went. But we knew Posie was not her name. It took us so long to come up with that name, I did not want to start over. But as it turned out, it was much easier, once we met her.

The second I said the name Daisy, we all agreed. We tried it out for the rest of the day, and by bedtime, her name was settled. We have since added Mae to it as well, because Daisy Mae just fits her. 

Our first stop was Pet Smart, because we had not stocked up on anything yet. We got her some food and water bowls, a pink collar and pink bow, a couple of toys, and puppy food. We also got some puppy shampoo, because she was stinky coming home from a farm. 

As puppies do, she slept a lot of that first day. 

She met Kylo. He was so excited to have another puppy in the house. And he has been soooo gentle with her. It's adorable.

She spent lots of time in the backyard.

And was completely spoiled by Lex and Eli (and us too.)

Isn't she sweet?

There is so much love in this house for these furry family members.

Daisy Mae, we are so glad you are here! Happy exploring!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Said the Boys

Ages 7 and 9 must be the perfect ages. But then again, I say that at every age, because I just love watching them grow up. Here are some things I love about this particular age.

They can hold actual observations about actual real life things.
They can go fetch an item in another aisle, when you accidentally pass it up at the grocery.
And speaking of groceries, they will help carry in AND put away.
They'll still come get in my bed when it storms.
They have their music preferences (even if it means we listen to Imagine Dragons
They can make their own snack, and on occasion, their own supper!
They are starting to develop their own opinions. Example: Lex recently voiced concern about treatment of animals at zoos after researching this topic at school. And just today, Eli said that he no longer wanted to use plastic straws if he couldn't recycle them.

Oh and also, they say the most hilarious things, which is what brings us here today. I have a place in my phone where I immediately type the funniest things that come out of their mouths. I'm happy to report that Eli speaks in fluent sarcasm, which comes straight from my side of the family. Here are some of my favorites from Eli and one from Lex too.

Eli: I wish Hudson was my brother. 
Me: But you already have a brother.
Eli: Yeah. Hudson can be my cool brother, but Lex can still be my annoying brother.

Jeremy: (goes on and on about slushy options)
Eli: I don't know where you're going with this.

Me to Eli: Puzzles make you smart.
Eli: Yep. And the more smart you are, the more you'll be a nerd.

While playing a game..
Me: Name Beyonce's hits.
Lex: What? I don't even know who that guy is! 

Eli looking at some of his baby pictures, sees a picture of me and says: "The face you used to have is cuter than the face you have now." 

Eli: Can I have marshmallows for a snack?
Me: You don't need a snack. It's almost supper time.
Eli: Okay then. Can I have marshmallows for a side dish?

Eli: I'm right handed, but some of my friends are weird handed. Do you know what I mean by that? 
Me: Ambidextrous? 
Eli: No. Left handed. 


Love them to the moon and back.

Monday, April 29, 2019

April Round Up

Here we are, with one third of the year behind us. We have had an incredible month, full of adventures, outdoor time, hard (yard) work, and good food. Now, with just weeks of school to go, we have a May calendar full of end of year field trips, award assemblies, piano performances, Boy Scout events, and baseball games/practices. Our lives are happily full.

Here's a look back at this month:

Yard Work: We had such a horrendous, un-Missouri like winter, that our yard was thrashed when we emerged from winter. I mean, mud inches deep and sticks and limbs everywhere. So we started with a truck load of mulch and went from there.

The boys both worked so hard that weekend.

And we burned sticks forever!

The boys got some spray can sidewalk chalk in an Easter package from Mamaw and Papaw, so they used that to add some extra decor. I'm sure the neighbors love this.

Eli finally got around to painting this bird house he built last summer.

We hung it right away, and have already seen cardinals feeding from it. A win for backyard wildlife.

Jeremy finally let Eli drive (very slowly and under very close supervision) the lawn mower around the yard. Hope he's as excited about this in a few years when we assign lawn mowing as one of his chores.

There's also been lots of bike riding.

Riding at the park.

And biked our first ride of the season on the Katy Trail (I wrote about it here).

Lex started baseball practice and we watched a storm roll in during his first practice. We could hear the thunder rolling non stop.

The next practice was sunny, but windy, but it didn't stop Lex from breaking in his new bat.

We went down to the river because it's one of my absolute favorite things to do.

And then there were pies. One strawberry rhubarb (and a second one for the freezer).

And a key lime pie topped with homemade whipped cream. Yum. My Granny would be proud (except that I used store bought crust for both. That is NOT how she taught me).

I tried loads of other recipes this month which I wrote about here. 

It has been an incredible journey this month. I'm so grateful and so blessed. Here's to one third of 2019 behind us. On to new adventures!

Watch out May, here we come!