Tuesday, August 27, 2013

List of Lists

I am a listmaker. I have been for as long as I can remember. Even when everything else seems really crazy and hectic, I feel somehow centered by making a list. I have been inspired by a couple of other blogs to create a list of lists. A go-to menu of lists, if you will. The items on my list of lists are a combination of brain exercises (how many presidents can you list?), soul seeking reflections, and lists just for fun. You can complete them in any particular order, and there are just enough to complete one each week for a year if you want. Are there any other list makers out there?

My List of Lists:

1.) Things that make you calm
2.) Your favorite childhood books
3.) Things to do in your backyard (activities - not chores)
4.) Household projects you want to complete
5.) New restaurants you want to try
6.) Date ideas
7.) Free family outing ideas
8.) Things that feel like fall
9.) Christmas traditions
10.) Movies you want to see
11.) A history of your favorite t.v. shows
12.) Things that remind you of your family
13.) Ways you can save money and/or reduce your carbon footprint
14.) Summer bucket list
15.) Your guilty pleasures
16.) Places in the U.S. you'd like to visit
17.) Free parks and events in your area
18.) The top 10 things you would do at the zoo
19.) Items in your house that bring you  joy
20.) Your favorite blogs
21.) What you are thankful for
22.) Your favorite childhood toys
23.) Things to do on a campout
24.) Fears you have overcome or want to overcome
25.) All the presidents you can think of
26.) All the countries in Africa you can think of
27.) Ways to pass time in the car
28.) All of the NFL (NBA, MLB, NHL) teams you can think of
29.) The things you never want to try (bungee jumping, anyone?)
30.) All the places you have lived (or pets you have owned)
31.) The countries you would like to visit
32.) Your favorite quotes/verses
33.) How you stay healthy
34.) Go-to recipes/meals
35.) Dreams for the future
36.) Your favorite things to do on the first chilly night of the season
37.) Ways you (and your children) can make guests feel welcome
38.) Simple gifts/acts that can cheer up those around you
39.) Causes you believe in
40.) How you spend the day of the season's first snowfall
41.) Your husband's (or partner or kids) favorite things
42.) Things you are really good at
43.) Organization tips you use in your home and life
44.) Your favorite summertime things
45.) Things you learned from your parents
46.) Projects or crafts you want to create
47.) Things you would pack in a carry-on an overseas trip
48.) Values you want to instill in your children (or want to see instilledin our nation's children)
49.) Foods/drinks that warm you when it's cold outside
50.) Your favorite signs of spring
51.) Things you admire about your grandparents (or other extended family)
52.) Things that energize you

Happy, creative writing to you!

Feel free to share your lists or list ideas!

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