Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas before Thanksgiving

So here it is, the weekend before Thanksgiving. My house is ready for the Grandparents' arrival, and the shopping is done for our Thanksgiving feast. We've enjoyed our fall crafts, made hot cider, and finished off all of our Halloween candy. In the spirit of the holidays, I decided (with the help of Lex) to go ahead and put up our Christmas tree.

Now hear  me out before you exclaim, "But Thanksgiving comes first" or "It's too early" or anything else. I've heard it all and used to even agree with it. But here's the fact of the matter: I love Christmas.

I always have. I love the smells, the tastes, the traditions. But most of all, I love the emphasis on family, togetherness, and the spirit of giving to others. Who cares if I want to stretch out "the feeling" of Christmas for a few extra weeks? WHO CARES? I love it when I start to see the trees up in the stores. I don't automatically think about how commercialism has ruined this holiday. When I see the
trees and when I hear the music, that's when I see my boys get excited. It's when I think about how I can bless others this season. It's when I think about how to make every moment special from now until the tree comes down.

And as for the argument about "Thanksgiving comes first," I love that holiday too and don't think for a moment that I pass over Thanksgiving. Think about it. The two holidays hold many of the same traditions. I love taking a day to be thankful.  It's another day that symbolizes family and tradition. I am not any less grateful just because I'm eating turkey with my Christmas tree in the next room.

So even though I'm the only one on the block with my tree up, and all I've heard from anyone (it seems) is how it's "too early," I am enjoying my tree next to my husband and boys, planning the homemade gifts we still need to prepare and I have a heart full of the Christmas spirit AND Thanksgiving.