Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Despicable Valentine

Minion Valentine

I didn’t expect to have to think about Valentine parties until the kids were in school. Imagine my shock, when we returned from our snowcation to find out otherwise.  The Valentine’s box was optional, but I took both challenges in stride, and within 2 evenings of construction paper covered surfaces, this is what we created.

For the box, these are the materials we used: A pretzel container, construction paper, scissors, glue, foil, and pipe cleaners. I also had some foam hearts in my craft cupboard, but those could easily be substituted with paper if you don’t have any.

Here are the picture steps. I won’t describe each one, because they’re pretty self-explanatory.


These are the Valentine cards we made. The boys did the cutting and gluing. Lex signed his own name (not shown here) and helped put the glow sticks in.




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