Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Spring Hike

When the weather forecaster first predicted a 60 degree Friday, Jeremy and I both thought the same thing. Time for a hike! We are so fortunate to live in an area of Missouri that is surrounded by conservation areas, state parks, and miles and miles of hiking trails. Since it would be evening when we picked up the boys from preschool, we didn't want to head into the woods. The tree cover would likely have made it a little chilly. The Grassland Trailhead is a wide trail in the middle of a prairie that is well suited for 2 little boys (and their parents) who have been cooped up all winter and just want to run free. 

Don't they look excited to get started?

Right from the get-go, the boys were spotting signs of life. Lex: Eli, look! This is an animal track!

Lex: Look. It's right there. An animal track!

Blurry as it may be, he was right! An animal track.

Lex was fine running way ahead of us until we couldn't see him anymore.

But Eli kept coming back to check in.

Stopping to smell the dried grass.

And then running back to catch up with Lex.

Taking a break...

Eli too.

Finally, we reached a dead end and took a little break from walking.

And then we headed back. Eli got slower, but still walked.

And walked.

And walked. Look at that face.

Lex: Look, a hole!

In less than an hour, we accomplished our first hike of the season. We saw some animal tracks, animal bones, feathers, a cocklebur, and a hole dug by some kind of animal. Both boys ended up with minor cuts on their hands, but we all got some much needed exercise and fresh air. This family is ready for spring!

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