Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Garden News

I started planning this year's garden, just after I picked the last pepper from last year's garden. I have spent the last 9 months scouring seed catalogs, Pinterest garden boards, and "Mother Earth News" magazines for gardening tips and secrets. We have decided to try raised row gardening for our vegetables this year, and have also found this blog helpful in our research. Read on to see our progress with our vegetables, herbs, and flowers so far.
Last year, we went to a local nursery to buy our plants and were very happy with the results. The plants were very fruitful and hearty. Despite that, we decided to try some plants from seeds this year. The worst that can happen, we figured, is that they wouldn't grow and then we would head back to the nursery for replacement plants. We located Gurneys online and got this free magazine in the mail. It was fun shopping from their huge heirloom seed selection.
A few weeks after we made our selections, we got these seed packets in the mail.
We are also doing potatoes this year, but those starts won't come until closer to the time they're supposed to go in the ground.
Mid March is the time to start tomatoes and peppers indoors, so here's what we did: 
 Some good seed starting Mix 

Some plastic tubs
Toilet paper rolls, cut in half

Labeled the cardboard

Filled the bottom of tub with soil, then got it damp with a spray bottle.

Placed the rolls in the soil, filled each with soil, then planted the seeds, and sprayed again with spray bottle.

These went to the window to get some sunlight. The idea behind the toilet paper rolls is that when the plants are ready to be planted, the whole thing can go in the ground. I'm a little worried that they won't be as big as they need to be for the tomatoes, but we will live and learn. I guess if we need to replant them before they go in the ground, we can do that, but I'm sure that's not ideal.
I feel like herbs are just about the easiest thing in the world to grow. You can grow them indoors or outdoors and it's the plant that keeps on giving. I actually froze some of my herbs from last year and am still throwing pinches here and there into recipes. I'm starting seeds indoors this year, but plan to move them out to the patio once it gets warm enough.
I made these cute plant markers out of dowel rods and scrapbooking paper.
And into the window they go.

Last, but not least, the flower garden:

When we moved into our house, it was just before winter, and we had no idea what was in our front garden bed. I could not have been more thrilled when spring arrived, and little green sprouts started sticking up out of the ground. I knew there would be something good coming, and I was right. We've now been through 2 springs and summers here, and I've had to do very little beside weeding and deadheading. The flowers just keep coming up. We had a rather warm week last week, and without any prompting, here's what popped up. These flowers know when it's time for spring.  

So that's the start of our garden(s). I will be sharing our progress along the way.

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