Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Day at the Park

I love taking pictures of the boys at a park. I never get tired of seeing them tackle their fears, persist through a challenge, and accomplish something they've never done before. New parks are the best because everything is new. We recently checked out this new park about 45 minutes from our house. 

Checking out the balance beam.

Trying out the slide.


Lex coming down the ladder...

Eli going up the stairs.

Lex trying out the balance beam.

And the climbing wall

Eli tackling the ladder.

But going for the slide instead.

Look at that face.


More Climbing

And sliding

Eli making it all the way to the top after several attempts.

He did it!

And there's a peek at our day at the park. We can't wait for warmer weather so we can go back! 

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