Saturday, May 3, 2014

Miniature Succulent Garden

I am so excited about this crafty little garden. This project is a glorious combination of pocket knives, wine corks, hot glue guns, dirt, magnets, and succulents. Yes, please! I pinned this to my craft board on Pinterest a long time ago, but only recently did I look at this as an "I must do this now!" project. I already had the wine corks, dirt, magnets, hot glue gun, and knife, so all I needed was a variety of succulent plants, which I found at Lowes.   

I gathered my supplies. These magnets are from Michaels and I use them for all of my magnet projects. They are small, but strong.


I started with a screwdriver to get the hole going, but in subsequent corks, I just went straight to the knife. A little pocket knife works just right, and digging out the center is surprisingly easy since cork is such a soft material. I whittled away while watching House of Cards. Jeremy and I had the discussion about whether or not it was really considered "whittling," but then determined that since cork comes from a tree, the term whittling does fit.  

You want to dig out to about the half-way point, leaving enough around the edges for it to not be fragile. 

Some turn out neater than others.
Lex would like you to know that you can also do this with the corks:
Otherwise, use a hot glue gun to attach a magnet to each cork.

Press in place for a few seconds, then leave it alone for a few minutes to dry.

Fill each cork with about 1/4 tsp. of soil - just enough to cover the bottom.
Plug in a tiny section of a succulent to each cork, and then top off with soil. Ta-da! I also added a few drops of water with a medicine dropper.

And there you have a miniature succulent garden to hang on your fridge, filing cabinet, or some other magnetic surface. 

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