Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Salami Roll Ups

My department at school is having an "End of Year" party tomorrow and my building was assigned savory snacks. I thought I would whip together this super easy appetizer for my contribution.
Here are the ingredients:
1 pound salami, sliced fairly thin
1/2 bunch green onions
1 package Philadelphia cream cheese
2 T. Ranch dressing mix (this can be omitted but does add a kick)
Let the cream cheese get to room temperature and then mix together with the seasoning.

Slice the onions to the size of the diameter of the salami. You may want to cut some of the onions in half lengthwise as well to avoid a really overpowering oniony taste.

Smear some cream cheese spread on the salami and place the onion on one end.

And roll it up!

After they are all done, I like to slice them in half which gave me about 50 appetizers. I think I almost could have gotten away with cutting them in thirds but opted for the bigger bite over the bigger quantity.

Bon Appetite!

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