Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Bucket List

School's out for the summer (Cue Alice Cooper music). Can I get a Whoo Whoo?? Oh my my. This is the first summer since my oldest son was born that I have not taught summer school. I'm about to have 9 straight weeks off with my boys - the longest time I have ever spent with them without working. I'm almost beside myself. Summer (and not working) has a tendency to slow life way, way down for me. Lazy mornings, sitting in the sun, spending hours perusing cookbooks and Pinterest...I love summer.

I do try to keep a little structure to our routine during the summer because well, we all need it. Eli still naps and Lex has quiet time for several hours in the afternoon, but I like to make sure we are doing something constructive at least some of the time in the morning. For that reason, I have put together a little list of things I would like to do over the summer with the boys.

1. Build a camp fire
2. Make s'mores
3. Build crystal sun catchers
4. Go camping
5. Catch fireflies
6. Build sand castles
7. Run through sprinkler (done!)
8. Have dessert for dinner
9. Make a picnic
10. Water paint outside
11. Make root beer floats
12. Make a bird feeder
13. Make homemade lemonade
14. Participate in library's summer reading program
15. Go to a Nature Center
16. Visit a new park
17. Go fishing
18. Hike a new trail
19. Swim in a creek

20. And finally, the big one. So big, in fact, that I'm scared to put it on here. As Eli approaches his 3rd birthday (July), I am desperately hoping that we can master potty training this summer. He has shown lots of interest and success at preschool, but very little at home (of course, I have yet to show interest either). His preschool would like him to move up to an older class when he returns in the fall, but he has to be potty trained to do that. I am ready for him to graduate from diapers. I am ready to graduate from changing diapers!

And that's my summer bucket list! What are your plans?

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