Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's Up Wednesday

Oh my my. Has this month ever been a whirlwind! I've had little time for crafting or even much cooking, but I have managed to plant flowers and enjoy time with the boys in the midst of lots of outings and other projects. Here is a glimpse of happenings around our place. 

 Here are the boys donning shorts and t-shirts for one of the first times in the season. Yeah for warm weather! Bring on the sandals and sunscreen!

 Look who's making funny faces instead of smiling for the camera. 

 I love how they sit and just look out open windows. This is actually Eli's favorite place to sit right now. He even brought his little rocking chair downstairs so he could sit and rock and look out the window - like a little old man. 

These are Mother's Day gifts from the boys that they put together at preschool. One is a strawberry plant and the other is a flower. The little card says "If moms were a flower, I'd pick you." Awwwww! 

Oh sweet shish-kabob! Hot weather meals are so much better from the grill! No hot kitchen - not a lot of mess, and the taste of meat and veggies straight from the fire. I tend to cook on the grill more often than not once the weather gets hot. I love just firing it up and throwing something on. On this evening we had marinated steak- kabobs, hot dogs and veggie packets of peppers and mushrooms. (We also had company which is why there is so much).

Does your Walmart do this? Our Walmart has a firetruck and firemen sitting outside the store several times a year. You can go up and meet the firemen, then look around the truck. The last time we saw the truck, Lex was a little scared about getting too close. This time, as you can see, he was pretty excited.

There will be more to come soon. I'm compiling some summer lists to share and preparing for some serious crafting as soon as summer vacation hits. Happy May and happy warm weather! 

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