Sunday, June 22, 2014


The week before last, the boys and I made an impromptu road trip to Ohio to be with our family. I was reminded of my never ending appreciation for 2 little boys who travel peacefully and contentedly. I have now made this 8 hour trip with just the boys and me a handful of times now, and it is always so much fun. They are great travel companions, and even let me play my own taste of music every once in a while :)

 When I travel with the boys by myself, we usually leave as soon as everyone rolls out of bed. We are all early risers which makes for happier traveling in the morning.  I get them all tucked into the car with their toys within reach, then we stop for breakfast on the road as a special road trip treat. 

 Guess what pulled up beside us on the interstate en route to Ohio. This is an awful picture, but I was trying to capture the life size Thomas the Train on a truck trailer driving down the road. The boys were beside themselves. I wonder where Thomas was heading. 

We stayed with my parents, affectionately called Mamaw and Papaw by their 8 grandchildren. Since we live a ways away, it's always a fun reunion when we get to visit.

Mamaw and Papaw have the best play-dough toys. But we were just getting started. We sure stayed busy.

My parents home town (which is also the town where I grew up), has the nicest park I have ever seen for a town its size. It has a huge, HUGE playground, several duck ponds, a swinging bridge, and a creek that runs through it. I spent more days than I can count at this park, not only when I was little, but later in high school when we went there to eat lunch, and later when I was dating Jeremy when we would go walk around there together. I was so excited to take the boys there for the first time and also knock off number 16 on our summer bucket list.

This tornado slide has been at the park since I was a kid. I've probably been down this thing more than 100 times in my life. I went down it on this trip for old times sake. Most of the other playground equipment has been updated, but this still stands.

We rolled into town just in time for one the boys' cousins last t-ball games of the seasons. Since we aren't around to go see these games regularly, it was so nice to see her in action. The boys occupied themselves on the bleachers. And yes, the boys are wearing long sleeves in the middle of June. It was in the low 70's and drizzling when we got there. We were soaking wet by the time we left, but still had tons of fun.

On to our next adventure. Finally, on one of the last days we were there, the weather cleared up for us to take a walk to see their great grandma. She lives in a beautiful retirement community with a fantastically maintained grounds complete with walking trails, community vegetable gardens, fountains, and duck ponds. You can buy food for the swans in the gift shop, which we did. We do this on pretty much every Ohio trip so the boys know the routine.


And on our very last night in Ohio, Mamaw and Papaw treated us to ice cream at a McDonalds, where the boys played in the playhouse. It had warmed up by then and we had a beautiful evening outside.

It was so nice to have a mini vacation to see family. The boys loved the chance to get out of the house for a little bit. The trip back was uneventful and we arrived just in time for Father's Day. 

We have one more trip to Ohio planned for later this summer, but a lot of downtime planned in the meantime. I hope you're enjoying your summer! 

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