Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Preserving Mint

If you've ever grown mint, you know that it tends to go out of control. I put a little plant in my front garden bed 2 summers ago, and it is massive now. I hate to see herbs go to waste, but we just don't eat a ton of mint. On that note, I decided to try preserving some to use other times of the year. I did some research and determined that freezing it was the way to go.

 I chopped up a big bunch of mint. Next time I will probably use the food processor and do more of a puree, but this worked fine too.

I put a loosely filled tablespoon of mint in each compartment of an ice cube tray.

Then filled them with water...

And froze them. Once they were frozen, I simply put them in freezer bags.

There's a few way to use the mint using this method. You can put a whole ice cube straight into a smoothie or juicer, or drop a few into a gazpacho. I like to put them in a glass of water, but you do get floating chunks of mint. If you want the actual mint, you can melt the ice cube and let the mint dry out on a paper towel. Fresh mint is pretty strong, so any of these methods will still yield plenty of flavor. Any other suggestions for preserving mint? Please share!

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