Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Eli

My precious baby boy turned 3 today, and I can hardly believe it. In no time at all, he has gone from a bouncing baby boy to a rambunctious little boy with more energy than a puppy. He loves dirt, animals and all things noisy. He also loves taking risks, sometimes unnecessarily, and often with resulting injuries. He almost always has a bruise, scrape, or scratch from his adventures.

While most people identify Eli with the aforementioned rowdiness, he does have a super sweet heart with a love for hugs and cuddling. He loves "taking care" of his stuffed animals and is very thoughtful of those around him. Under the rowdiness is a very thoughtful little boy who just wants everybody to be happy.

His favorite foods are meat of any kind, carrots, and milk. His favorite color is green, and his favorite animal is his stuffed dog, "Carvey." He is a morning person and wakes up on the go. He loves to run fast and climb.

Here are some pictures of the past year beginning with his birthday picture from last year and ending with his birthday picture from this year.

See the bruise on his forehead? That seems to have been a theme with him this year.

Always on the go.

 Always exploring and looking for an adventure.

Learning new things.

See the remnants of a shiner under his eye?

Such a big helper in the kitchen. Actually, Eli loves being a helper all the time. He is constantly following me around asking if he can help me.

Remember earlier when I mentioned that he loved dirt?

But that he also had a sweet, loving side?

Happy 3rd Birthday, Eli! I can't wait to see what the next year holds!

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