Friday, July 25, 2014

High Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Lauren from today to bring you five great (and/or just disturbing - see #2) things about this past week.

1.) I stopped by my classroom this week to see if things looked much different since I last saw it in May. I was happy to see that everything looked great AND my supply order from this past spring was waiting to be opened - just like a back to school present. I got WAY too excited to see these brand new Sharpie fine tip markers. Nerdy, I know. After looking through everything, I packed it all back in the boxes, except for these, which I brought home to label some new math center folders. Am I the only teacher out there who gets way too excited over new school supplies?

2.) There is nothing more horrifying than realizing that while you've been sitting on the deck talking on the phone, your three year old has been trying to load a dead opossum into the back of his toy dump truck. Not enough scrubbing in the world can remove that image from my brain. And no. There's no picture to go with this one. You're welcome.

3.) My friend and I took our kids to the Nature Center and saw this massive turtle. My friend took one look at this guy and said, "Is that a turtle or a dinosaur?" Tough call.

4.) I'm so happy for a great garden and fresh vegetables and delicious summer salads. Click here for this recipe and links to 7 other summer salad recipes that I've tried this year.

5.) My boys were so proud to finish our Library's Summer Reading Program. 30 stickers for reading 30 books. They turned in their sticker charts this week and each got certificates and a new book. Way to go, boys!

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  1. Way to go, Lex and Eli! So proud of you for finishing your reading goal. Eli, you are such a boy!


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