Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What's Up Wednesday - Ohio Part 1

Oh my, my! We have had an adventurous 2 weeks, hence the lull in blog postings recently. The boys and I have been in Ohio where we collided with my brother's family from North Carolina, my other brother's family from Ohio, lots of nostalgia, a splash pad, the 4th of July, Jeremy's sister's wedding, an unfortunate meeting of Eli's head and concrete, and a hike that resulted in taking shelter from a thunderstorm. Oh yeah, and my parents' 40th anniversary was in there as well.

The last time these cousins were together for an extended amount of time was last summer when we all got together at my parents house. It is so cute to see how they've grown.

My brother and his wife got their hands on a blow up bouncy house which was lots of fun for all the kids (and grown ups too). Whenever we started to feel a little pent up in the house, we all headed out to let the kids jump out their energy.

My sister in law and I are both teachers, so we have a tendency to need some structured time for the kids. This was our 4th of July craft. The kids made little crowns to wear to the fireworks. Unfortunately, we forgot to take them to the fireworks, but at least they enjoyed wearing them around the house.

Our fruit tray for the fourth of July.

This is 7 out of the 8 cousins on my side of the family, ranging in ages from 2-8. We love trying to get these pictures of everyone smiling. Not too bad, I'd say.

In every picture of Lex during the fireworks, he has a giant smile and is covering his ears. It was really cute.

Lex and Eli together on the bouncy house slide. My younger brother likes to tell all the kids to "yell really loud" when it's time to take a picture. My boys are pretty good at that.

The City Orchestra played an outdoor concert at the park, so we went and sat out on blankets to watch. They did a lot of patriotic songs.

Here's another "structured time" activity - making slime. It didn't turn out exactly right, but the kids enjoyed making the mess anyway.

 We decided to load up all 7 kids one day and take them to a splash pad. It was a great (free) way to get them out of the house.

 Afterwards, we fed the ducks at the park, and then had a McDonald's picnic by the playground.

 Later that night, we took a walk around the pond behind my parents' house and saw the swans. We wore the kids out that day.

 My sister-in-law saw this activity on Pinterest. We thought it would be a great piece of art for the kids to leave behind at Mamaw and Papaw's house after we all left. We simply put each child's initial on paper with painter's tape.

 Then let them paint over it. We had to help make sure that they got paint all around the letter.

 Once it dried, we took off the tape, and this was the final results. So cute! We hung them in the toy room so the kids all felt like they had a part in decorating it.

 We also had an impromptu birthday party for Eli one day since his birthday was coming up.

 These are the 4 year olds in the family. For just a couple of months, they are all the same age. Lex will turn 5  in August.

So that's part 1 of our trip! I will do another post of the 2nd half later.

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