Friday, August 1, 2014

High Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Lauren from today to bring you five great things about this past week.

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1.) I am so loving these cherry tomatoes from our garden. And to think they were actually a mistake! Back in April when I went to the nursery to buy tomatoes, I thought I was buying big tomato plants and didn't realize they weren't until they were grown. I love it when mistakes turn out to be better than what you originally planned. (Fortunately, our neighbor gave us some of his extra tomato plants so we will still have some big ones.)

2.) Earlier this year, I found this sewing machine at a garage sale - for FREE! The lady wasn't sure if it worked or not, so she felt guilt about charging any money for it. As it turned out, it worked just fine - and this week I fired it up for the first time to make some curtains for my classroom.

I  have never made curtains before and haven't sewn for years, but I was able to whip up a set of curtains during the boys' nap one day using this really easy tutorial.

And then another set the very next day. I'll post a picture as soon as I get them hung in the classroom.

3.) The boys and I made these cool science experiment sun catchers from Who knew you could do so much with Epson salt?

4.) Eli's love for animals is now affecting my popcorn obsession. Look what I found in my snack bowl when I got up for a minute! He said, "They are so, so hungry." Well okay. If they're hungry, then by all means, help yourself to the popcorn.

I really wanted to take the boys to this park close to us with a sandy beach but I've heard that it can get pretty crowded. So I woke them up at 7:30 (early for us during summer), went to get breakfast, then pulled into the park by 8:30. Also, it was a 70 degree morning. The early time plus low temperature meant nobody else was at the park. We had the whole beach to ourselves for more than an hour. The water was fortunately warm and the sunshine made it an absolutely perfect way to spend the morning. I was disappointed to realize that I had forgotten my camera so I had to take this pic on my phone, but that aside, I loved doing this with the boys. 

That's my High Five. What are yours? 

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