Sunday, August 17, 2014

Missouri State Fair

 For the second year in a row, we drove about an hour and a half to the Missouri State Fair. Jeremy and I both grew up in an Ohio county where the county fair was a pretty big deal. Last year, we discovered that the Missouri State Fair offered everything half price, including admission and rides, on the last day. In addition, the crowds aren't bad and there are no lines for pretty much anything. This year, we left Eli with some friends in Jefferson City and took Lex for some individual mommy and daddy time.

It was a pretty overcast day and never got above 80 degrees. Hello, perfect weather for a day at the fair.

To get to the carnival, you have to walk past all the food stands. Last year, I was pretty disappointed with the food I ate, so I wanted to have plenty of time to look and see what I wanted.

 Pizza? no. Nachos? no. Fresh salads? Are you kidding me?

I'm not a big fan of funnel cakes, but I did want to try some lemonade. The one I tried last year was made with a powder mix and I couldn't even finish it. I don't know when I became such a lemonade snob, but I really wanted some good lemonade before the end of the trip.

Jeremy loves a good fair sausage, so this was high on his list.

But first, to the carnival.

Last year, Lex wasn't tall enough to ride all the rides he wanted to, and we didn't know how many he would want to ride. As it turned out, he loved everything he rode, even a roller coaster that scared me a little bit. So this year, there was no question about forking over the money for a wristband so he could ride as many as he wanted.

Beginning with the train, where Lex insisted on being the "conductor." Fortunately, he was the first one in line so he got to choose first.

Jeremy did the roller coaster with him this year, because as I mentioned, I wasn't a fan.

And also this ride, because I wasn't sure if it would make me sick. I know! I am such a carnival wuss.

My fearless boys!

After the first few rides, we headed to the swine barn which happened to be close by. We weren't sure if there would be many animals around since it was the last day. The horses packed up early last year and we didn't get to see many. Fortunately for us, the hogs were still there. We looked around for a while, then headed back to the rides.

Next was my turn. The slide looked exciting to me last year, but Lex wasn't tall enough to ride. I was so happy that he agreed to go this time.

Ready. Set. Go! So fun.

And then to the bumper boats, which Lex loved, even though it seemed to me that the steering wheel didn't really do anything. All the kids just seemed to go in circles and then bounce off each others' boats.

At lunch (we settled on gyros, which were awesome!), I got this lemonade, which did taste fresh, but was not as good as my recipe from earlier this year.

Then look what we ran into! Our buddies over at the Conservation Department. They aren't really our buddies, but we have spent a lot of time learning from them this year through hikes, nature centers, online research, etc. I'm going to save the pictures from this part of the fair for another blog post, because I have a lot to say about them.

After lunch and the Conservation Building, we had 2 more things to do. Go through a fun house and ride the Ferris wheel. I went through the fun house twice with Lex, and then he wanted to keep going and going and going. Since there wasn't a line, he ended up going through it about 5 times. He's already talking about how he's going to teach Eli how to do it next year.

And then we were off to the Ferris wheel.  Now let me be honest. I'm a little bit scared of heights. Well, not so much heights as falling from heights. Lex had been looking at this all day and wanted to go, and Jeremy really wanted us all to go. So I went. I didn't want Lex to see my fear, so I put on a brave face (or so I thought as you will see in a few pictures.)

Here we are at the part where people are still loading, so they stop you every so often and the gondola just sits there and sways back and forth every time it stops.

What do you have to do to get these parking spots? We had to walk about a mile to our car.

At this point, Lex had decided to keep trying to stand up so he could see over the top. It scared me like crazy!

 There's Jeremy all chill and relaxed.

Here's what my face looked like when I took a "fun" selfie with Lex at the top.

 And here's what my face looked like when Jeremy got me looking "natural." Yep. Scared... to... death... Can this stupid ride please, please stop now? 

Yes it eventually did. I didn't plummet to the ground or get caught on a never ending cycle of torture. The ride ended and I survived. I will probably go again next year. 

We had a great day at the fair with our highlights being the roller coaster, slide, fun house and conservation building. The weather was perfect and the sun even peeked out a little bit.  Gotta love ending the summer with a trip to the state fair!

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