Friday, September 5, 2014

High Five for Friday

Please excuse me for a minute while I dust the cobwebs off my neglected little blog.

There. All done.

School is well underway for me. This time of year is one of my favorites as a teacher. I mean I love winter holiday, spring break, and summer just like the rest of them, but I also love that teaching is one of the few professions that has a definitive beginning and end each year. The endings in the spring makes me appreciate the fall beginnings so much more. A bit cheesy sounding? Yes. But nonetheless, it marks number one on my high five for this week.

Here we go.

1. Back to school. Love my students. Love my classes. Love my job.

2. Nothing says fall like football season! Last week, our Mizzou Tigers opened their season with a win, and this weekend we get to watch our Colts take on the Broncos. Hello weekends full of crockpot meals, matching family football jerseys, and yelling at the t.v.

3. Speaking of t.v., have I mentioned that we got rid of our television service at the beginning of summer? We are now a Netflix family supplemented by a digital antennae. Seriously. I have become 100 times more productive. No more spending hours mindlessly flipping through a hundred channels just to find something that I don't really want to watch but will since it happens to be on. I feel like I've added hours to my day. And then there's the added bonus of watching Parenthood on demand on Netflix. Love that show.

4. I'm trying these cream cheese filled snicker doodles this weekend. Yum!

5. I haven't made lasagne in a long time, but my boys have been asking for it recently after watching an episode of Garfield. At some point Lex started calling it "basagne," which was pretty cute. Then Eli started calling it "bazombies." Like he really thought that's what it was called. "Mommy, can I have some more bazombies?" And then Lex would say "bazombies aren't real, Eli." I love having little boys.

I'm linking up with Lauren today. Have a great football weekend!

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