Sunday, November 9, 2014

All Things Fall

 Let's start here, shall we? Who can resist a fall hike? On one of the very first evenings when it was in the 50's, we picked up the boys from preschool and headed straight out for a fall hike. This picture was taken on the north side of Three Creeks Conservation Area. When we hiked there earlier this year, we knew we wanted to come back when leaves started turning. It didn't disappoint. We took the opportunity to collect some leaves for fall crafts. 


A couple of days later, Jeremy and I met at the house before we got the boys and took a hike by ourselves on the south side of three creeks. I really wanted to get a fall picture to match the spring and summer pictures I took earlier this year. The hike down to the creek bed is a more difficult one, and while we've taken the boys (several times), we were able to move a lot quicker without them so we could get the picture and get out before it got dark.

Each of these pictures was taken in pretty much the same spot during different times of the year. I really want to make it back down there after the first snow fall, but am not sure if it will work out or not. It really is a steep trek down there and I'm not sure how safe it will be with snow on the ground. We will see. 

We have been pretty craft recently, and to be perfectly honest, I've just kept craft materials out on the table for about the past month instead of putting them away. I like to think it helps us all be more spontaneously crafty :)  

On that note, here are the boys being spontaneously crafty one evening.  The one inch circle hole-punch is currently my favorite craft tool.

We used fall themed scrapbook paper to make some magnets. 

Then we used the hole punch to punch circles out of our fall leaves from our hike. 

The picture is a little blurry, but this is one thing we did with the circle leaves. I also took some and glued them onto a glass jar and then put a tea light inside for a simple centerpiece.

The day before Halloween, I found this massive pumpkin for only $2.99 at our local grocery store. I couldn't believe it. I hadn't planned on doing a jack-o-lantern, but how could I resist this? We dug right in. Eli was more excited than he looked in the picture. He's going through a phase where he is often too cool to smile for pictures.  Also, if you're wondering what happened to Lex's face, he took a face plant of the top of the slide at preschool and landed face-first in the gravel. According to him, "It's just blood, Mom." He's so proud of his injury :)

Eli using all his muscles to get the gunk out of the pumpkin. Lex had absolutely no interest in helping with this part.

Here is our blurry picture of our jack-o-lantern, just in time for trick-or-treaters.

Finally, one thing I did in October was make an apple pie from scratch, in memory of my Granny. Her birthday was October 10th. Before she passed away, she taught me (and many of my cousins) how to make apple pies. Eli helped me roll the dough and put this one together and it made me so happy that I was passing this skill along to one of my children. And another upside was that this pie was delicious! The perfect fall treat.

So this is just an abbreviated version of what we've been up to this fall. Hiking, crafts, and baking - the perfect combination for passing time as the cool weather moves in. Happy fall!

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