Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kites, Mud and T-ball

Some people live for the spring season. For me, spring is just a stepping stone from winter to summer. Fall and winter used to be "my" seasons - the ones I craved. But the older I get...there is just something about summer. And maybe it's just that since I'm a teacher, summer means time to play hard. And that we do. So for us, spring is a time when we start feeling that draw to the outdoors. The countdown to hotter days - when flip flops and tank tops rule the wardrobe.

So recently, on one of our first jacket free days of the season, the boys asked begged to go fly the kites they got in their Easter baskets. With the slightest breeze outside, we headed to the park for the boys' first kite flying adventure.

How do they just naturally know how to do this?

Run with the wind!

 I don't remember it ever being this easy when I was little and trying to fly kites. I remember it taking several attempts of me holding the end of the string, and someone else holding the kite until a breeze came along and then they tossed the kite up into the sky, with only a small chance of it actually taking off.

 These guys just had to jog around a little bit, and up it went. So glad it was easy for them.

And that they got so worn out running around with those kites!

A couple of weeks later, we were drenched with days of constant rain and were sad to be stuck indoors. At the first glimpse of the sun, we headed back to the park to find that the little creek that runs through the playground was flooded with mud. A couple of brave parents allowed their kids to venture into the mud, but most of us kept our kids on the playground and far away from the muddy creek. But then some more parents caved, and some more, until there were about 15 kids splashing in a mud bath. Well now, how could I be the only one to not let my kids play in the mud? It's not as if I had an actual reason to keep them out and the boys wanted to play so badly. So I gave in to parental peer pressure.

Off came the shoes.

Then shirts.

 Until they were up to their necks in

 Mud! And I'm so not going to lie. If this creek was running through my own backyard, I can't guarantee that I would not have been right there with them. They had so much fun!

Something new around here this year - Lex began his very first team sport - t-ball! He survived his first practice and let's just say we have some work to do (lol). He had so much (I mean SO MUCH) fun, but was so nonchalant about the entire thing. Jeremy and I could not stop laughing. But in Lex's defense, lots of kids were first timers too, and well - the coaches, (who by the way have the patience of saints) have their work cut out for them.

Oh he is so cute with that little helmet.

Eli would much rather be on the field then in the stands, but will get his turn in a couple of years.

So there's a run down of our spring things! The temperature's rising and I can't wait for the heat!

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