Thursday, May 28, 2015

Out and About

Boy have we been busy this past week. Crazy that school let out just a week ago. The Missouri River was just below flood level last week, and we have the perfect lookout spot for a good view.

This is about as far as we could go before the road was closed for high water.

 Going for a closer look.

 Don't worry, we had them within arms reach the whole time!

My big boys kicking off summer with a hug. Awwwwww.

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Indiana and Ohio for some family time.

 Oh what I would give for just 1 family picture without the silliness. Oh who am I kidding. I love the silly. How cute are we?

 Not even one picture with us all looking at the camera! Good grief.

Daddy finally got them reigned in. (or is it reined in? Someone help me).

In Ohio, we stopped by the skatepark to see our nephew. Somehow it's not surprising that Eli liked this so much.

 Yep. This way is much easier.

We loved the temperate weather while we were on our getaway, but this is what we returned to about 20 miles from home. Missouri storms sure are something else.

 Hope there are sunny days ahead!

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