Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beatin the Heat

  So far, this summer's weather has been great! 70's and 80's with some heavy summer showers mixed in. It's been really nice. Here's what we've been up to. 

Lex is starting kindergarten in the fall, so he's in summer school to learn the ropes before school starts up. He loves it. Here he is, all embarrassed because I made him stop to take a picture. Oh don't you worry, buddy. This is nothing compared to the pictures you're in for on your actual first day of school.

Lex is playing t-ball, his first team sport. It's a riot to watch. It's pretty much just a bunch of kids learning the rules. There are no outs, no points, and everybody gets to run all of the bases.  As for Lex, he thinks the whole point of the game is to try to get the ball first. So when he's in outfield, he sprints for the ball every single time, no matter where he is, and sometimes, will scuffle other kids for it. Sometimes he yells a "war cry" the entire way to the ball. When he does come out with the ball, he raises it high above his head in victory, while all the coaches yell, "Throw it to first! Throw it to first!" And then he finally does.

There he is. # 10. 

And since the coaches perceived his ball chases to be hustle in the outfield, they awarded him the "gold ball" at the first game.

We've been bike riding. Go Eli!

And hanging around the park.

 One night, we got stuck at Kohls during a tornado warning, and had to hunker down in women's clothing. We might be smiling, but we are not having fun.

Cheers to restaurants with outdoor seating.

 And going to Walmart when the firemen are out raising money for charity.

We finally bought a piano! Now Lex can do his piano practice on this and have the keyboard in his room to play on. I LOVE having a piano in the house again. Just ask Jeremy how many times I've played "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

 And finally, some fun in the sun. Bring on the sprinklers and slip n slides. These boys are ready to get wet!

And some  pool time too!

 So our summer's coming along nicely. How about yours?

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