Sunday, June 14, 2015

Camping Trip 2015

For the 3rd straight summer, we kicked off summer with a camping trip with our good friends. We took it up a notch this year and traveled a little further, to Bennett Springs, and also threw in a float trip. A day on the river wore the kids out! And who I am kidding? The grownups were wiped out too!

We stayed at River Front Campgrounds. This was the view from our campsite. It was such a pretty place.

And that's the Niangua River just behind those trees. Hence the name "Riverfront Camp." Most of the campsites are right on the river.

Lex, Eli, and Peyton chowing down on hot dogs the first night. No shortage of energy that night!

Oh boys. 

The idea was that these boys would sleep in their own tent for the first time this year. Yeah, that didn't work out so much. Maybe next year.

So the cool thing about Riverfront Camp, is that they do float trips right from the campgrounds. They bus you upriver (7 miles), and then you  raft right into camp and basically walk to your campsite. It's an awesome setup.  So, I have to tell you that I love my new phone because it takes awesome pictures, but I wasn't about to take it on the float trip with me. I'm lying. I totally wanted to take it with me, but Jeremy talked me out if. But Trista had this waterproof camera she brought to take pictures. They are a little blurry, but you get the point. 

 Here we are crammed in the bus. I totally got claustrophobic. I was sitting in the back corner of the bus, and that bus was packed full! I freaked out for a minute or two, but after switching the kids around a little bit, I felt better. Lex and Eli loved this part!

Getting ready to push off.

And the boys manning the front of the boat. They loved it so much. And let me tell you, I am so glad they did. Six hours on a boat with cranky kids would have changed the whole trip. They were so good, and so content. I would take them again in a heart beat.

And there was plenty of swimming along the way. It was absolutely the perfect day.

We were wiped out when we got back!
Here the boys are cooking dinner, with what little energy they could muster. Those foil packets had potatoes, covered with bacon and cheese. Yum. Thanks, Trista! Wait til you see how what we did with the leftovers!

 Just chillin. And no joke, we were all in bed by 8:00 that night.

The next morning, this is what we whipped up on our little camp stove. In leftover bacon grease we added the cooked potatoes from the night before, green peppers, bacon bits, shredded cheese, and then cracked eggs over the top. A complete breakfast hash. And It was so good! I hope we can recreate this for next year!

And there you have the story of our camping adventure this year.
If you want to see how our camping trip has evolved, check out last year's post here. The boys have gotten so much bigger!

Check back later this week to see what we did on our way back. Ha Ha Tonka, here we come!

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