Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Happy Birthday to My Sweet Eli

I totally forgot to post this last Wednesday on Eli's birthday. Pretend you are reading it one week ago

Today my little man turns 4 years old, a milestone he has been looking forward to for months with the never ending question, "Am I 4 yet?" Four years ago, Eli made his own timeline by showing up 2 1/2 week before his due date, and four years later, I am still trying to keep up with him. Here are the highlights of Eli's past year.

 Anything with wheels - he's on it. This is him scooting around my school parking lot at the end of last summer. Oh that little round face. He has really thinned out since then.

 I love that he loves reading. So cute and cozy in his feet jammies.

Oh my goodness. I can't believe how little he looks.

He is always, always busy with something.

And he is persistent and intense when trying to get something done.

He insisted on being an octopus for Halloween last year. No reason or inspiration that I know of. Just that he wanted to be an octopus.

An example of his busyness. Eli loves to help with whatever we are doing. He does laundry, cleans floors and baseboards, straightens up. Whatever Jeremy or I are doing, Eli wants to be doing it too. This is him "helping" put out Christmas decorations.

And he loves, loves, loves dressing up and pretending.  Fireman, chef, superhero, vet. He plays them all.

He's so curious.

 And creative.

And "in the moment."

He's an adventurer.

And has a mind of his own.

He is an all or nothing kind of kid.

He is also one of the most thoughtful 4 year olds I have ever met. I mean he is always thinking of other people. He knew I cut my finger while working in the garden the other day, and asked me several times that day, "Mommy, how is your finger doing?" It was so sweet. He is constantly bringing people drinks and food and blankets and stuffed animals. He is seriously so caring.


 And fearless.

He plays hard.

And sleeps hard! 

And then looks for something new to do. Seriously, this is exactly how I found him the other day. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I'm fixing the drawer." Duh.

Happy Birthday to my little man. May your next year bring so many new adventures.