Sunday, August 16, 2015

Top Five

I meant to do a High Five for Friday post on Friday, but then Friday came and went, as did Saturday. So here are in no particular order are my 5 highlights from last week. 

1.) I spent the week opening new sharpie packets, carefully labeling binders, emailing parents, and attending beginning of the year meetings. I posted last year about how I love the way that the school year has a definite beginning and ending each year. It makes coming back in August a little more celebratory than just another day at work. I am so lucky to have a job that I absolutely love. It makes getting up at 5:00 AM so much easier.

2.) Kindergarten happened this week. If I were writing these in order of importance, of course this one would be the highest this past week. Lex started kindergarten. I was able to take him to school the first day, thanks to my wonderful colleagues who insisted that I did, and offered to cover my students if I didn't make it back in time ( I did). From now on, he will come to school with me in the morning and ride a bus from the middle school to the primary school with the other teachers' kids.

He was so excited that first day and so brave (summer school likely helped). There was only a split second when I saw a moment of worry in his eyes when I started to leave, but then he saw his best friend from preschool, Jack, and was fine.

I didn't cry either, although everyone kept asking me if I did. I really am sentimental, and I did recognize it as a milestone, but I knew he was ready which in turn meant I was ready. I was really happy and excited for him. I did think about him all day that day and was hoping that his teacher would send out a mid - day check in email to parents (I didn't actually expect her to do that - I was just hoping). Those kindergarten teachers are so amazing though. At the end of his day, his backpack was full of mementos from his day including a painted hand print of his. It was perfect.

Here he is in front of the school. 

Squinting because I have him faced directly towards the sun.

And here are both the boys in front of the house. Eli actually started preschool 2 weeks ago so I could start working in my classroom, but I still made him take lots of pictures in front of the house.

3.) Basil! I love, love, love, homemade pesto. I planted extra basil this year just to make sure I had plenty to make a giant batch of pesto to freeze. I haven't hardly picked any basil throughout the summer, so early last week when they started to go to seed, I pulled all three entire plants, brought them inside, and got busy making pesto. Look at how huge these plants were! In case your interested, here's the link to the pesto recipe that I use. Our freezer is now fully stocked with this year's supply of pesto.

4.) My current favorite blog is Amanda is a travel and food blogger. I'm not a huge fan of her recipes because most of them contain processed food (although I did make almost everything on her 4th of July recipes post). But I love her travel posts. She has spent her summer biking through France, traveling around Australia, and is currently in Bali. Her pictures are amazing - I can't get enough of her Instragram pictures. Seriously, go check it out if you want to find some good things to put on your bucket list.

5.) Friday! I love Fridays! It's my favorite day of the whole week. I love getting to wear jeans to school (it really is the little things in life, isn't it?). The boys and I also have some long standing Friday traditions throughout the school year. We always play Rebecca Black's "Friday" song while we eat breakfast. Cheesy, I know it  so gets us pumped up for the weekend. We often also stop at McDonalds before school to get coffee (for me) and juice (for the boys) to start our day. And we always take the scenic route home on Fridays. Even if it's just a short country drive to talk about our day.

So there's my top five. What are yours?

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