Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fall is in the Air

People who know me well probably know that I pulled out my fall decorations 2 weeks ago on the first day that the temperature didn't get out of the 70's. I'm a summer girl at heart. I love the heat, the water, the time off.... But still, every year, I jump into fall with both feet. Here are some things we've been up to the past few weeks.

This picture was from Lex's birthday, but I had to include it because this month, I officially became a soccer mom. That's right. Lex had his first soccer practice and we are looking forward (and I'm not even being sarcastic) to Saturday morning games once the weather is nice and cool. Pumpkin spice coffee, here I come!

Also, our little town had its first car show, so we walked down with the boys. We drooled over the cars and enjoyed an evening out of the house.

I made crock pot apple cinnamon oatmeal for the first time and oh. my. goodness. It was so yummy - like the inside of an apple pie. And of course you know the house smelled amazing!  I'll post the recipe soon.

I love my new(ish) Moto X phone for many reasons but first and foremost because the camera is amazing. Check out this background blur on the motion shot of Eli swinging. I love it.

The boys love it when we crawl up in the playhouse with them. If I hadn't have this day, I wouldn't have gotten this cute shot.

And not to be left out, here is Lex showing off his new cool trick.

Lex brought this home from kindergarten. His drawings are getting so detailed. I loved this artistic version of himself. Look at his green shoelaces. So cute.

Pajamas with a cape and mask. Always ready for an adventure.

This tire swing has gotten so many miles out of it. We've talked about taking that tree down so we have more light for a bigger garden, but I can't stand the thought of losing our tire swing branch.

Our baby girl Chloe has started showing some aging signs recently. Nothing major - but she's moving slower and not hearing so well. She is such a good dog and I can't help but spoil her more and more the older she gets.

I came into the kitchen to find this scene the other day. Eli was stirring together coffee grounds in the sugar canister to make "breakfast for Carvey Dog," (the black stuffed dog beside him). This is so typical of him, my little chef.

And finally...Fall brings football! We were so excited to go to the high school football game last night. We got there early for good seats, got our snacks, and then waited while the game was delayed for a few minutes and then delayed again. And then finally they announced that no refs were there and wouldn't be there until 9:30. We weren't about to sit in the stands for 2 hours and then watch the game so we headed back home. It turns out that when they did finally play, the game went into triple overtime, so it was probably best that we weren't there. Next week maybe.

So that's what's happening around here. Happy (almost) fall, y'all.