Monday, May 30, 2016

Geo Tracker Hiking App

For quite a while now, I've wished I had a way to track the important details of our hikes - the distance, elevation, coordinates, etc. It just seems like good information to have and also good information to share here on the blog when I post about our hikes.

Recently, I took the boys on a very short hike by myself, something I don't do a lot because even though I love hiking, I love that this is our family activity. We have so much fun hiking all together. But as Jeremy was finishing up his school work one day, I decided to get the boys out of the house so that Jeremy could have some peace and quiet.

I had downloaded the Free App from Google Play Store called Geo Tracker a few weeks earlier, but hadn't used it yet. I was excited to try it out.

For this hike, we headed to Noren River Access to the Missouri River, a beautiful little setting where our family pictures were taken last year. I didn't take a lot of pictures on this specific day of of hiking, but there are a few. Mostly, I wanted to show you what this app did.

 Here are the boys at the beginning of the trail. That's the Missouri Capitol in the background.

This is definitely a more public trail than we usually hike on. There are several primitive campgrounds along the trail which on this particular day were all occupied. We also saw a lot of people picnicking by the river. A great day for it!

The cool thing about this trail is that you walk right along the river for the majority of it. There are several places where you can climb down from the trail a little bit onto a sandy beach area to relax, picnic, or just enjoy the view.

And here's my last (but favorite) picture of the hike. The look on their faces...

So now to the app. When we got to the trail, I simply opened the app and hit the record button (the big red button on the bottom right of the screen). There are only 2 tabs at the top. The map tab maps your hike as you go. You can also use the tab to find your coordinates.

After you press record, the app takes it from there. Easy enough, right? It prompts you to close the application (if you want), because you don't have to have the application open for it to work.

Along the way, I checked back in a couple of times, just to see our progress, but for the most part, I left it alone. The picture below shows the map of the finished hike. We hiked just over half a mile, and then turned around and came back the same way which is why it's basically a line (as opposed to a loop). You can see the starting and ending points.

Other than the map, my favorite features of the app are the distance tracker, elevation tracker, and time spent on the trail. All of these features are found under the Statistics Tab.

As you can see, it also tracks your speed, which I don't really care about because we aren't competitive hikers (is that even a thing?). We hike for the adventure and with 2 small boys, we stop whenever they stop to observe something.

And finally, this app also stores the records of all your hikes for you, so if you want to see how long a specific hike was, you can do that. There is also a way to add points to a map if you want to see locations of all your hikes on what map, but I'm still figuring that part out.

If you like to hike or explore like we do, I highly recommend this FREE app.

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