Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer Bucket List

 Two summers ago we rocked our summer bucket list. It was my first summer with kids that I did not teach summer school and we took advantage of every hot second.

Last Day of School and Ready to Get Our Summer ON!

 Here is the link to our 2014 Summer Bucket List (completed).

Last year we attempted it, but with Lex in summer school, plus tball games taking many evenings in June and July, I'm ashamed (not really) to admit that we did not complete everything on our list. It was, however, a really good list, so here's the link to our 2015 Summer Bucket List if you are interested.

So that brings us to this year. To do a Summer Bucket List, or not... As it turns out, our bucket list has created itself through several "challenges" in which the boys are participating. Lucky for me, this means that they are extremely driven to complete each one and I just have to be their cheerleader and sometimes facilitator.

Challenge #1: Kids on Track
Programs like this make me so proud of our community. A local hospital created this wellness program to keep kids active over the summer. They held a big kickoff event a few weeks ago where kids signed up and got their chart. The goal is to walk, run, bike, or swim 26.2 miles over the course of the summer. The first and last miles are both completed with other participants at the opening and closing events. Every 2-3 miles they complete, they get to go to a local business for a prize. So far they have earned sunglasses, a water bottle, paddle ball, and more. Every time we walk into a business, the people are so excited to see us and make a big deal about how far they've walked so far. The boys absolutely love it. So much so in fact that most mornings, Lex immediately asks to walk our mile for the day. We have spent most mornings of our summer so far at the park getting in our miles.

Challenge #2: Summer Reading Program
Our library does an amazing summer reading program each year. For as long as I remember, the goal has been to read 30 books, which is easy for us since we love to read. But they must have decided to make it more challenging this year, because both the boys fell into the age group in which you have to read for 20 hours and color in 15 minute increments. In addition, they also have to choose 10 activities from a list that includes things like reading a biography, listening to an audiobook, going camping, designing your own game, going swimming, or volunteering. Although the challenge as a whole seemed daunting at first, Lex has already marked 3 hours of reading on his chart (we're on day 2), and also completed the tasks of walking a mile, dancing to his favorite song, and playing a game of checkers. So we are well on our way.

Challenge #3: Summer Reading (#2)
This one is for Lex only although he has been including Eli in a lot of the activities. He brought home a bingo board on the last day of school to be completed over the summer. If he finishes it, he gets to have an ice cream celebration when he returns to school in the fall. To complete this challenge, he has to complete 20 activities from the sheet. They include things like reading a magazine article, reading to a pet, reading a page of a book backwards, read with an accent, reading a poem, etc., etc. So far he has completed these:
Read to someone who can't
Read on the swings
Read for 1 hour
Read a book you love
Read a book you loved when you were younger

Other summer plans:
So we will definitely not be bored this summer. If there is even a second of downtime, the boys are asking what they can mark on their sheets. In addition to our summer challenges, the boys are also completing 3 weeks of summer school, playing t-ball, piano practices, and visiting our family in Ohio. I'll be posting on all of these events as we go and will also keep you posted on our challenges!

Here's how we've kicked off our summer so far!

Eli getting summer started with his first ever tball practice!
Lex at the park for the kindergarten picnic on last week of school (still sporting the bandage from his stitches)

Eli learning some big boy chores with daddy.

While Lex and Mommy do this!

The beginning of our garden! 

Stay tuned for updates!

Happy Summering!

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