Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Eli Turns 5!

Eli turned 5 years old last week. We had a house full of company on his actual birthday so please forgive my delay in posting all about his 5th year.

Here are Eli's responses to his birthday interview.

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Eli: A pirate with Richie and Gavin (his BFF's)

Me: What's your favorite food?
Eli: Muffins

Me: What's your favorite snack?
Eli: Cake

Me: What's your favorite thing we did this summer?
Eli: Play with Mamaw and Papaw

Me: What's your favorite thing to do outside?
Eli: Pick tomatoes 

Me: What's your favorite thing to do inside?
Eli: Play with mommy

Me: What is your favorite color?
Eli: Green and black

Me: What makes you happy?
Eli: Playing with Everyone

Me: Where do you like to go?
Eli: To Great Clips (for a haircut)

Here are some highlights from Eli's past year.

Shortly after Eli turned 4, we ventured to the outer banks in North Carolina for Eli's first trip to the ocean. Since he had just had a pirate party for his birthday, he had dress up clothes for the beach.

Last August, Eli started a new preschool. Here he is on the first day.

He is full of energy, spunk, and personality.

He loves being silly. A recent quote from Eli? "Do you know what google plus google is? Twoogle."

And loves spending energy hiking on our family outings.

 He still loves helping in the kitchen.

He was batman for Halloween.

And loved helping with the tree trimming. When Eli talked to Santa, he told him all he wanted was a candy cane. Then as he walked away he told him, "My stocking's the red one!" My favorite quote from Eli on Christmas day was, "Yeah! I didn't get coal!"

He finally got the appropriate gear for helping in the kitchen.

He loves building train tracks.

And taking trips. On this trip, he had his backpack on ready to go before he was even dressed.

 When warm weather came this spring, Eli was ready to hit the road, so close to being ready for a 2 wheeler.

Eli also played his first team sport this past spring - soccer! Jeremy and I were the coaches.

And then we went right into tball. Another first for Eli. He loved it. 

Eli is such a little hiker. He can just go and go and go.

He did squirt gun painting at Art in the Park.

And graduated from preschool!

 And went to kindergarten summer school.

Turns out that Eli loved tball. Everything. Batting, running, catching, throwing... He loved it.

But most of all, loved the after game snacks.

Eli learned to swim under water this summer. And also learned to do flips. It has been so much fun watching him.

 He still plays so hard and has such a joyful personality.

He finished his first mud run!

But he also has his quiet times.

He chose a trifle for his birthday cake and helped to assemble it.

Instead of having a birthday party, we made a family memory by going ziplining. Our fearless 5 year old went enthusiastically.

Happy birthday my sweet, sweet, Eli. May your next year be filled with so many more happy memories.

Read all about Eli's 4th birthday last year in my post, here. 

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