Sunday, October 23, 2016

Three Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween has been fun for us this year. The boys are finally both old enough to enjoy the "scary" part of Halloween. I put scary in quotes because I actually keep them pretty sheltered from the really scare stuff - the blood, gore, guts, etc. But we are all in with the creepy, crawly part of Halloween. I have no shortage of fall decorations around the house. Pumpkins, scarecrows, burlap... you name it. But this year, I wanted to add something more fun for the month of October.

1.) Spiders

We found these little tiny spiders in the party favor section of Target for only a dollar! We didn't even use half of them. We used sticky tack to adhere them to the wall and it worked really well. I've also seen a version of this that uses cockroaches instead, but I like the tiny, little spiders coming out of the vent.

We also put some spiders in our "web" that we got for $1 at Dollar General. 

2.) Wall of Bats

All you need is black construction paper and a downloadable bat template (just Google it). It took me less than 20 minutes to cut these all out. Easy, breezy. And it looks awesome in our entry way. Next year, I'd like to expand on this one and hang them from the ceiling, too.

And finally,

3.) Stand up ghosts.

This one cost me nothing, because I already had everything on hand. Cheesecloth... check, Liquid starch... check, googly eyes...check. It's so easy and they dried in an afternoon.

We used little sports balls on top of cups, but I've also seen people use balloons, too. Use whatever you can find. Soak the cheese cloth in liquid starch, wring  it out to get rid of the excess moisture, and then put it over the ball. Let the cheesecloth gather at the bottom because once it dries, that's how it will stand up. A couple of hours in, I separated the cheesecloth from the ball so it would be easier to lift off later. Then I put it back over the ball to finish drying.

Once it was dried, I glue googly eyes on with Elmer's glue. Easy enough.

I might go nuts with these next year. They are so stinking cute.

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