Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Miniature Evergreens

Back in December, I was itching to get crafty. On a perfect winter morning, when Jeremy and Lex were busy with their own project, Eli and I took off for a winter hike to collect some supplies. Winter hikes are the absolute best. On this particular day, we could see our breath and were bundled up from hats and gloves down to our winter boots. Our mission? Collect some tiny pieces of evergreen for some miniature trees.

Back at home, we gathered up what we needed for our craft. 

Miniature Christmas Trees

Materials needed: 
Drill with small drill bit (you'll have to guess and check depending on the size of your little branches). 
Small pieces of evergreen (3-5 inches tall is a pretty good size - the taller they are, the harder it is to stand them up)

 Step 1: Drill holes in the center of cork.

Step 2: Insert branches.

 Voila! How cute is this little forest? Tie them up with ribbons and give them as gifts. I lined my Christmas window with them and put them in my village of clay houses on my mantle. I made about 2 dozen in less than 10 minutes.

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