Saturday, February 18, 2017


We got a new puppy. Days into the new year, Jeremy came home and told us that his boss' dog just had puppies. Coincidentally, we had just been discussing the idea that we were ready for a new dog in the family. We talked about it with the boys and decided to claim one of the puppies. We were given the choice between a black female, or a "camo" boy. Our boys wanted another boy in the family. 

 Before we even knew which puppy we were getting, I had the idea to name the puppy after a Star Wars character because our boys are such big fans. AND there is a new Star Wars movie coming out at the end of this year - a bookend to the year our puppy was born. We made a list of several dog worthy Star Wars Names. Chewbacca, Artoo, Darth, Skywalker, KYLO, Jedi, Maul, etc. etc. We quickly settled on the name Kylo. We took a family vote, and Kylo was his name-o.

His first couple of days with us, he seemed so nervous. He didn't want to eat much. And the car trip to our house made him sick. He threw up several times on the way to his new home.

Before we went to pick him up, we stopped at Walmart for a collar, some puppy food, and a doggy toy from each of the boys. Lex picked out this rope toy and Eli got him a squeaky frog. They have both proven to be excellent choices.

Kylo settled into our back yard pretty quickly. He found a pile of leaves and was really comfortable until our neighbor's dog came up to the fence and startled him away.

Here's Eli showing Kylo the squeaky frog.

Kylo was (and is) pretty fond of the boys too.

He is the perfect lap dog for now. He's so little.

 I didn't know how much puppies slept! He's just like a baby.

He loved his make shift bed. It's right next to the window.

He got his first bath in the kitchen sink. He didn't mind it too much, but did whine a little bit.

He sleeps just about anywhere.

He's barely left any of our sides.

And if any of us are on the couch, he is right there with us. He will grow to be pretty big, so before too long, he will take up more room than will be comfortable.

We took him to see the vet. He got one shot and got a clean bill of health.

 He loves all things fuzzy. Just like Eli.

But will sleep just about anywhere.

He seems to have a foot fetish because he is constantly finding our socks and shoes and dragging them around the house. The new house rule is, if you don't want it chewed up, put it up.

These guys can't wait to teach him some tricks. He already knows his name and "no!"

This cute tag came in the mail. Unfortunately, the collar we got him is still a little big on his puppy neck, so he will have to grow a little bit before he wears this.

He is spoiled and has definitely found his place in our hearts and our family.

More Kylo posts to come so you can watch him grow!