Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Top Five Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Blogosphere. If you're new here, welcome, and feel free to look around. We have sure been busy around here recently. Here are my top 5 from the past couple of weeks. 

1.) Eli's First Music Recital

For quite a while now, we have been talking to Eli about whether he wanted to pick a musical instrument to learn. I kind of assumed that he would take piano lessons just because that seems to be a good first instrument to learn, but he just didn't show interest. When he was  5 1/2 (the same age that Lex was when he started piano), I asked Eli to pick an instrument - any instrument - and we would try it out. He picked guitar. I called around and found an amazing studio that suggested that he start with ukelele, mainly it would be easier for him to play. Later on, they will help him transition to a guitar. Eli loved the idea of playing ukelele and so it all began. 

Fast forward a couple of months... Eli's studio performs a spring recital at a local Farmer's Market. Eli worked for a week to finalize this adorable outfit. Even the morning of the recital, he was making adjustments (shirt untucked, no suspenders). 

We got there early to look around. I just love farmers markets.

I love how he puffed his chest out for this picture. So proud!

Here's the video of my little rock star!

And because I can't resist a picture with a brick wall backdrop.

So that's what's up in the music world.

Which brings us to

#2) The Basement Remodel.

We've been sitting on this project for a couple of years now. We just couldn't decide on exactly what to do with the space. And then my brother came for a visit. He is an expert at all things construction, and gave us a great idea for the floor AND he offered to help us get it installed while he was here. You've got to love little brothers.

Here they are sanding and prepping.

Here is our flooring and paint selection.

We've painted the walls and trim, installed the floors, and, stained the stair treads (below). Still to do... install the stair treads, nail in the trim and put the outlet covers back on. But so far, I am loving the transformation! Can't wait to move furniture in so we have a cozy hang out spot... and by "we" I probably mean the boys and all of their friends.

That's what's up on the remodel front...

#3) Kylo

Oh my goodness. Kylo, Kylo, Kylo... We love him so much. Even though he is still eating our shoes and socks, and ignores the command "down" 80% of the time. He is so perfect for our family.

#4 Packing! 

No picture for this one... but definitely in my top 5... I have been packing up my classroom - at least trying to. I won't be teaching next year for the first time in 10 years, and am now faced with the decision of what to keep, what to pack away, and what to get rid of. Ugh! But I'm so excited about my new job that I'm trying to just see the big picture.

#5 Outdoors! 
We have had so much rain here, but the second it stopped, we ran for the outdoors.

We've had several trips to the park.

Fun in the mud in our backyard...

And an amazing hike to Gans Creek. More on that soon.

 I love seeing my boys in the outdoors!

So there you have it! Our Top Five for Tuesday!

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