Friday, July 7, 2017


Wow. Has it been more than a month since the last time I published something on here? I had no intention of taking a digital break, but it seems to have happened anyway. I've stayed clear of my phone, my computer, and watching the news for the majority of the summer. Netflix and I however, have been fully connected. More on that here in a second. It feels like it's been an incredibly lazy summer, but now that I'm looking back on pictures, we've actually done quite a bit. I'll catch you up in this post and promise to be back in the next couple weeks with some new posts on some hikes we've taken as well as my new hobby addiction.

Here is a full update on our family.

Remodeling, painting, and building has taken up the majority of our time this summer. The number of days that I haven't left the house because I'm covered in paint are too many to count. We completely remodeled the basement and are also in the process of giving a makeover to our kitchen, living room, dining room, and entry way. We have several projects in process but I'm loving it.

In progress...

Eli's new favorite nap room.

 Jeremy is also working on building us a farmhouse table. I can't wait until it's complete. Unfortunately it's stalled right not until I finish painting the dining room because we want to assemble it in the room instead of trying to move it later. I'll post pictures when it's all done

Back in early June, we took the boys to a wedding of a family friend. It's so much fun to get the boys dressed up.

They hated the ties though and had them off about 2 seconds after we left the church.

At any rate, it was so much fun to have a night out.

Lex desperately wanted to go to summer school this summer, but Eli didn't. So for the majority of June, Eli and I got to spend some quality time together. Here we are at Runge Nature Center.

They have done some remodeling at the nature center, so there were lots of new things to see.

This tree house is one of the new parts.

 We also enjoyed a family night out to Katfish Katy's Station House to watch a friend of Jeremy's play a live show. It was a beautiful evening and the boys had a great time running around outside.

We have become pros at navigating the Capitol Building. Seriously, we could probably give tours ourselves. The boys absolutely love it. It never gets old.

Oh, and then there's chess. I've never been much of a chess player, but one of my students taught me how to play this past year, and then we played every morning before school for most of first semester. At the beginning of summer, I taught the boys how to play and since then, we have played about 100 times. Lex has even watched some videos to try to learn some new strategies and the other day, I caught him making a video with his iPad on how to put someone in checkmate in 2 moves.

We've had several trips to the park here in town and have also explored lots of other parks too.

We don't normally hike in the summer, but when it got down to low 80's recently, we decided to get outdoors.

We were quickly reminded why we DON'T hike in the summer. We didn't go far because none of us were having fun. I'll save all the details for a future post about the summer's worst hike.

We've spent lots of evenings at the river. It's my absolute favorite thing to do when we just want to get out of the house. And the summer sunsets are just beautiful.

 We've had pool days...

And 4 ball games a week since the beginning of June.

Eli - tball

Lex - coach pitch
The boys have continued with their piano and ukulele lessons.

We have definitely had our share of lazy days too. I devoured the new seasons of Orange is the New Black and Shameless. I also rewatched the entire series of Parenthood (I actually started that at the end of the school year). I waste time by watching reruns of Friends and The Office. The boys have watched Trolls too many times to count and Lex can now annoyingly quote the movie almost word for word. Eli is learning to play Sounds of Silence on the ukulele just like Princess Poppy. Adorable.

So that's pretty much it for us. I love, love, love summer and the fact that I barely know what day it is and we are all sleeping in until 8:30 every morning. I'm not even thinking about the fact that it will eventually come to an end. That's a thought for another day, week, month...

Happy Summer! 

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