Wednesday, August 2, 2017

8 Amazing Years

Eight years seems as if it were forever ago. I can hard believe that Lex is 8. Here's a look back on this past year.

Starting with his annual birthday interview. Scroll to bottom of the post to see his answers from the past few years. 

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Lex: I want to be the 10th person to land on the moon. (He has no way of knowing that they're have already been 12 people on the moon). Later in the day, he changed his answer to being one of the first people to go to Mars, and then when we were at the Capitol, he said he actually wanted to work there so he could give tours to the Whispering Gallery.

Me: What's your favorite food?
Lex: pancakes

Me: What's your favorite snack?
Lex: Sandwiches

Me: What's your favorite thing we did this summer?
Lex: Playing on my ipad and spending family time with everyone

Me: What's your favorite thing to do outside?
Lex: Play on the trampoline

Me: What's your favorite thing to do inside?
Lex: Play iPad and watch t.v.

Me: What is your favorite color?
Lex: green

Me: What makes you happy?
Lex: Kylo

Me: Where do you like to go?
Lex: Ziplining

Anyone who knows Lex knows that this post wouldn't be complete without some video game pictures. Because, let's face it, this kid loves, loves, loves his video games. We went to the arcade last year on his birthday and he schooled me on the multi-player Pac-Man game. He saw me posting this picture, and laughed and said, "Remember when I beat you like 50 times?!?" Love him so much. 

He rocked 1st grade this year, complete with a Star Wars backpac and lunchbox. I'm forever grateful that he loves school so much.

And then there's this side of him...

Piano continues to be a pretty big deal. Lex loves performing and the harder the song, the more he loves it. When his teacher shows him a new song, Lex comes home and works on it until he knows it. He's amazing to watch when he's determined to learn a new song.

He made it to state competition last November so we all go to go to Springfield for the weekend. We were so proud when he earned 2nd place!

He performed in a Harpsichord Recital in December. 

And after several other recitals and competitions, he ended with his studio's honors recital where he earned a medal for all of his hard work this year. 

When we brought Kylo home back in February, Lex was probably more excited than any of us. He was so excited to have a puppy. He held him so much when he was small and now that Kylo is bigger, Lex still manages to get him in his lap. 

He loves the outdoors and gets so excited when we go hiking. 

I turned around on one recent hike and saw him doing this. Take as much time as you need there buddy. We're hiking. Go ahead and get yourself zen.

We had another year of soccer, both fall and spring seasons. 

But his favorite sport by far is baseball. All during soccer season, he just wanted to practice batting. And then when coach pitch season finally started, he practiced even more. He was great at batting, and great at fielding. The last few games he played first base and got 2 people out. His smile was so big after those games!

He is so quiet and sweet natured, but he is so, so funny too. He makes us laugh all the time... mainly because some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is so incredibly funny and witty that we can't believe a 7 year old said it. 

He is incredibly thoughtful and really loving. 

He loves spending time with Daddy.

And seems to live in the moment, enjoying every single adventure.

It seems like overnight, he just grew up. I am so proud of him. Happy Birthday Lex. I hope this next year is out of this world! 

In case you'd like to read about his last couple of birthdays, too, here are the links.
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