Saturday, November 25, 2017


Of course Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to update this dusty ole blog and share my overflow of gratitude for our very blessed life. I've been admittedly neglectful of this blog for a little while, but I've been engrossed in some other writing projects and am just trying to maintain balance (aren't we all?). I can tell you that I have a list of recipes, hikes, and projects that I'm eager to write about, so maybe one of these days, I will get all caught up.

I'm going to use this post to catch up on what we've been up to this past month. Let's start with some of our family pictures from last month. Our photographer does such an amazing job of catching the boys' personalities. When I first opened the disc of pictures, I couldn't help but laugh at about half the pictures, with Eli's face scrunched up in the cheeky smile, and Lex thinking no one would see that he was crossing his eyes. There are plenty of good, non-funny smiles in the pictures too - but what fun is that? These are my favorites.

Here are the boys looking oh so grown up. I am thankful every day for these boys.

Here is one of many great family pictures. Our photographer suggested this location which was really close to our house and so unique. We have a thing for including bridges in our family pictures. I can't believe we've never discovered this place before, but we'll be back because the boys discovered a hiking trail that we need to try out!

How we've been killing time around our house...

 We have been playing tons and tons of cards as a family. "Trash" is our card game of choice, but we've also played our share of Uno, and fairly recently, we taught the boys the basics of poker. That was a fun night, and the boys loved it. We also play checkers and chess at least once a week. We love family game nights, especially when we can't get out to hike.

Lex participated in the state piano competition in Warrensburg and earned the highest rating. We were (and are) so proud of him.

The boys raked a big pile of leaves in the backyard, and then Kylo took it over and buried himself in the leaves over and over again. It was so funny.

We got out again on the Katy Trail again and had an amazing bike ride. 

 For Halloween, we each carved a pumpkin and then I somehow forgot to take "after" pictures. Maybe because it was so cold that day and I just wanted to put a candle in them and get inside (which is exactly what I did).

For Halloween, Lex was a very believable Harry Potter and Eli, who wanted to be a really scary ghost, turned out to be a really cute ghost instead.

In typical fashion, I decked the house out with Christmas decorations a few weeks back. For all of you holiday purists out there, who wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate, I don't even want to hear it. I love Christmas and want the season to last as long as possible. AND...I actually heard on the news today that a study showed that putting up Christmas decorations DOES make people happier... So why wait? Our house is cozy and the halls are decked. Let the merriment begin. 

And this is reason one billion and three why I love my husband to the moon and back. Sometime during summer when I was painting basically every room in the house, I mentioned to Jeremy how much I would love a farm house table. And then he spent his evenings, weekends, and spare minutes here and there building me what is now the most beautiful piece of furniture I own. I love, love, love this table and love him for making it for me (I mean us). He's taking a break from it to build a couple of other pieces, but then he's planning to build some benches for it. 

And then there was this incredible sunset on our way home last night that pretty much blew me away. I just love Missouri skies. 

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving complete with lots of food, drinks, and laughter. Happy Holiday Season!