Sunday, May 6, 2018

Back to Three Creeks

This particular trail is our family's favorite. We hike it multiple times a year, trying to hike it at least once each season. It was the first trail of the Three Creeks trail system that Jeremy and I ever hiked, and it was also the first trail that we hiked with the boys. Because of the steep drop to the creek, and the subsequent steep climb back up, we were so proud when our little boys completed the hike on their own two feet. The trail itself isn't much at all, probably less than a quarter mile. But the real fun is down at the creek where there are endless places to explore, endless rocks to climb, and endless places to wade and splash. 

Another milestone that happened on this trail was our puppy Kylo's first hike, back when he was just a few months old. (You can read about his first hike on this trail here. ) That first hiking trip with Kylo confirmed what we feared because of prior car trips. Kylo is unfortunately very prone to car sickness. Even short trips in town made him visibly uncomfortable. We were so bummed for Kylo, because we knew he would love hiking hiking adventures as much as we did. Fast forward almost a year, when we decided to give this trail another shot with Kylo. Not only did he do really, really well on the car ride, he absolutely loved the hike as much as we knew he would. The boys were so ecstatic (and who am I kidding, Jeremy and I were too). So off we went on our hiking adventure with Kylo. You have to look closely in the pictures, because he blends right in. 

Here is Lex on the descent.

Jeremy and Eli down below

The creek within sight!

 I never knew these little wild flowers were called "Spring Beauties" until the week before on our hike when an older couple stopped to chat and pointed them out to us. They are everywhere!

This is a fun exploring spot at the creek. A cave! Although we never go inside because we (I) are (am) scared of the creatures that might be inside. 

But it's still fun to get up close!

And I knew this balancing act was inevitable the second I saw this fallen tree.

And then on we moved. The creek held a lot more water on this day than on previous trips down here. Sometimes you can walk along the rocky shore the entire way without having to skip from side to side. Not today. In some spots, we had to make our own rock bridge!

To avoid getting completely wet on our journey down the creek, we headed into the not so worn path in the woods beside the creek. In a few more weeks, this trail will probably be too overgrown to see.

We had Kylo off his leash for the majority of the time, and he absolutely loved it. He's such a good dog and stayed close to us. He would watch us walk carefully over rocks through the creek, and then he would splash through the creek right beside us. But on our way back up to the trail, he was back on his leash, because lots of people bring their dogs on this trail, and it's also a horseback riding trail. Better safe than sorry. 

There's just something about this rocky creek bed that makes so inviting for exploration.

The bridge that Eli built.

And then we were on our way back up the steep climb (successfully completing my calf workout for the day)! The boys and Kylo were all exhausted. A hike well worth it!

 Funny breaks optional.

Yeah for yet another hike in the books!

Here's the Geotracker Stats:


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