Thursday, June 21, 2018

Some Updates Around Here

You maybe (hopefully) noticed a few changes on the blog. I've been dragging my feet and avoiding writing new posts because I desperately wanted to give my blog a few updates before I posted anymore content. I decided to just jump in and start fixing one thing at a time. Thanks to loads of YouTube videos, other blog posts on this kind of thing, and google searches, I now have a new domain name, (and am proficient in the Google domain help chat service), can navigate Picmonkey for all things graphic related, can read and understand some (SOME) code on my site to help me figure out dimensions for graphics, etc.,  and know how to create (I mean copy/paste the code) and install widgets. Yeah me! All that being said, the site is still a work in progress. I'm cleaning up old content and trying to make sure everything works. If things seem glitchy, please let me know so I can fix it (I mean so I google how to fix it).

So that's the update for the blog. Now for some updates of what's been going on otherwise...

We got a new DLSR camera and have been taking it everywhere to figure out how it works. We've had it exactly one week, but we're doing research, studying the manual, and have already learned a few things. Top two lessons learned so really is everything. And also, night pictures are better with a tripod. I guess we'll start with those things for now and work our way up.

Here are a few "test" pictures we took while we figured out settings.
Sunset at the River
Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area
There are a few things that I just love about the camera. The camera has wi-fi capabilities, which means no cord needed when transferring pictures from one device (camera) to another (phone). An added bonus, google photos immediately recognized the camera as a new device and will immediately back up those pictures once it's connected to the phone. If you want to read more about my love affair with google photos, click here. I also really love how quickly you can take pictures one right after the other without sacrificing clarity and quality of the image (as long as there is good light, of course).

As for other things taking up our time... Baseball season is in full swing (wow, pun not intended, but okay). Two games a week, and can I just say that while others are complaining about the 100 degree heat sitting on the periphery of a dusty field for two nights a week, well, I am actually enjoying every second. Every second of rooting (also known as giving my own personal feedback from the sidelines), every second of the sun (even when it means shading my eyes for one full hour when I forget my sunglasses), and every minute of the game (even watching every player on the field just stare at the ball when it lands smack dab in the middle of the pitcher and the catcher). I love it. Come talk to me when it's 40 degrees and raining and we are on the soccer field in March. Then we'll have something to complain about.

This summer has been one of those summers when we are just waking up every morning and deciding what we're in the mood for. Swimming, museum, the woods. Whatever may be, may be. This last week's outings included Stephen's Lake swimming and splashpad, the Museum of Anthropology, The Candy Factory, State Capitol, Eagle Bluffs, Ellis Porter Park, and multiple trips to the library.  Not to mention the hours spent watching Netflix, playing Fightlist (I'm not any good unless the whole family is helping me), and jumping on the trampoline.

Sunset over the Missouri River

Seeing red at Ellis Porter park

Seeing the Capitol from the inside

Exploring the grounds outside of the Capitol

There's also been tending to our little garden. We've already harvested some kale and basil!

As for what we're reading...Lex is really into mythology right now and is devouring book after book. Eli is working his way through his first chapter book. He reads a little bit to me every day, and it's just about my favorite part of the day.  I just finished an incredible memoir, An Abbreviated Life, by Ariel Leve. I usually don't have the attention span to make it to the end of many books. In fact, I haven't completed a fiction book in two years. I usually check out non-fiction books, flip my way through to get the gist, and then return it. But this memoir by Leve had me so captivated that I could not put it down. And I actually finished it.

We have so fun hikes planned so I will be back to posting some trail reviews soon.

Until next time!

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