Friday, August 3, 2018

The Number Nine

I did not see this one coming. Never has one of my children's birthdays hit me so square in the face and seriously knocked me off my emotional ladder. Okay, so maybe that's a little bit of hyperbole.

But 9!?!

Holy Moly. It hit me a couple of weeks ago that Lex was turning 9.
Halfway to 18.

I love the person he is becoming. He is so thoughtful and kind, smart and witty. He is quiet natured, but will speak his mind when he wants to. He is constantly observing, and I love how he notices the little things.

All of a sudden he seems all grown up - in how he talks and how he acts. I am loving this stage of his life.

This past year, Lex played soccer in fall and spring, and baseball this summer. He continued with piano and went to districts and then state competition. He earned the highest ranking in both of those competitions and also earned the highest ratings in his two spring competitions. He entered a writing contest at school, wrote about ziplining, and earned a blue ribbon. We are so, so incredibly proud of him. 

Here's a look back at some of his adventures as an 8 year old. 

First time at the rodeo. 

Tree climbing

First day of 2nd Grade

Bike Riding

Rock Climbing

His perfect "walking stick."

Reading up on chess so he can beat mommy (which he frequently does)

He loves, loves, loves the water

An armful of trophies at his piano award recital

His laugh and smile are contagious

He LOVES video games, but loves the outdoors too. 

Turns out he loves shooting - I didn't see that one coming

There were 2 goals he set for himself this baseball season: Catch a fly ball, and hit a fly ball over the outfielders' heads.
He did both!

I am so proud of the person you are becoming. You are growing into a remarkable young man and I can't wait to see what this year brings. 

Here are Lex's responses to his annual birthday interview (links to previous years below)
Me: What's your favorite food?
Lex: "unknown"

Me: What's your favorite snack?
Lex: peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Me: What's your favorite thing we did this summer?
Lex: Big Surf

Me: What's your favorite thing to do outside?
Lex: Play on the trampoline or play with Kylo

Me: What's your favorite thing to do inside?
Lex: Play on screens

Me: What is your favorite color?
Lex: Red

Me: What makes you happy?
Lex: My friends and family

Me: Where do you like to go?
Lex: Big Surf

Interviews from years past....
8 years old
7 years old
6 years old
5 years old

Here's to a rocking year!

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